Rob Graham's Dream Terriers 5 a side team

January 31, 2018


Following on from Kieran Ferdinand's dream 5 a side last week, we have now linked up with Terriers Veteran defender and current club chairman Robert Graham.


With over 16 year experience at the club (Joined in 2002), Rob is now one of the clubs longest serving members and has seen a few decent players come and go. So now i shall hand it over to Rob for him to name his team:


Ok this is tough, I could be nostalgic and just pick the team that dominated GFSN five a side in the mid noughties but I won't. This is a team full of winners, every single player can do a job anywhere on the pitch, defensively or attacking. Goals can come from anywhere and it's defensively solid. Also, I've played with and won competitions with every one of these guys. My fantasy five a side team is....


Goalkeeper: Mateusz Kiecz
What a great five a side keeper, strong, quick and not afraid to take one on the face. When all around has let him down Mateusz can be trusted to make that important save.


As I've said, this team is fluid but to put people in position.


Defence: Peter Farrar & Daz Horwell

Peter Farrar. When he was younger he was quick (I know, hard to believe), solid and read the game expertly. Capable of a long range goal or two as well.

Daz Horwell. Quite simply the best player to have played for the terriers. Could beat teams on his own, unless he took a shine to one of the opposition, in which case he'd spend the match nutmegging them. Daz can also play in goal should he be needed. I would probably make Daz the captain in this team but it could be anybody.


Midfield: Ian James (Freddie)

Freddie. Great goal scorer, great energy, great player. Adds something different to the team and is natural going forward. I remember him being accused of being a ringer because he was too good.


Forward: Tom Carter

Tom Carter. A battering ram of a striker who gobble up the chances created from Daz and Freddie, powerful shot, fantastic technique and clever enough to know when to track back too. His move from forward to defence in the Leicester tournament final is the reason terriers won.


Subs: Carl Nash, Jack Platt & Jack Mac.

There could be loads  and the three I've chosen could all be in the first five.
Carl Nash. It was touch and go whether to put Carl in instead of Pete. Defensively solid, good shot from range and he has that one trick he likes.
Jack Platt. Needed the right players with him but Jack could beat anyone and score from anywhere.
Jack Mac. Seriously underrated five a side player, plays with a smile on his face, capable of some outrageous skills.


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