Kieran Ferdinand's Dream Terriers 5 A Side Team

January 19, 2018


With just three months to go until the annual Yorkshire Terriers 5 a side tournament, we will be linking up with past and present Terriers players finding out who their dream 5 a side team would be from their former team mates.


First up is Terriers defensive midfielder Kieran Ferdinand. Here's Kieran's team:


Goalkeeper: Mateusz Kiecz.

Mateusz is a freak in the net who seems to really enjoy balls being fired at him...


Defenders: Carl Nash & Luke Shepherd.

Carl, tall, dark and handsome, this guy is a brick with guile. What he lacks in speed, he makes up for in age (I mean positioning and intelligence). Always comfortable on the pitch with Carl.

Luke, probably going to be in everyone’s team- Serena Williams screams aside, he’s committed in a challenge, heads the ball at any height, great pace and good on the ball. No brainer.


Midfielders: Ian James (Freddie).

Ian is pure quality. Touch, intelligence, vision and the a bite in the challenge. As comfortable unlocking the oppositions defence as being solid for the team.


Forward: Tom Carter

The only thing this guy understands is how to score. Literally, the only thing he understands! Great finisher, whatever the angle, no matter the odds, he’ll score. 


Captain: Carl Nash

He knows the game and makes sure I work!


Subs: Matt Nellist, Ethan Nixon, Dan Nixon

Matt, I wish I could have played with him 20 years ago, but I would have been 5. Great communicator on the pitch, fights till the end, and has a delightful toe poke.

Ethan, the things he does sometimes are just disgusting. Literally filth. I’d kick the shit out of him if he tried to terrorise me like he does the opposition.

Dan,  with his head screwed on, his great. I don’t actually know if he’s left or right footed and in this case that’s a compliment- he’ll hit anything, in more ways than one...





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